Expanded clay grains are placed in pots or troughs as a drainage additive for plant soil. Expanded clay promotes plant growth, improves moisture and air circulation, retains moisture, and prevents the formation of mould on the soil’s surface. Expanded clay is granules of clay fired at a temperature of 1200 °C, several times lighter than naturally occurring materials. Various clays are excavated in quarries, then mixed, refrigerated, dried, crushed and placed in a kiln. At high temperatures, the clay raw material swells and forms a hard outer surface, while remaining porous inside.

Recommendations for use: It is recommended to add 2-3 cm of fired clay granules to the bottom of the pot. Drainage soil is used as the main layer in the bottom of the pot, tank. It drains excess water and prevents the plant roots from soaking. This ensures adequate ventilation and protects the plant from mould. Expanded clay grains can also be used to fill the surface of the pot. It is recommended to pour 2-3 cm – it will have attractive tidy appearance and will protect the plant from drying out.

Packages: 1,5, 5 and 10 l