— responsibility for nature and yourself

About us

Given the interest in green environment, i.e. responsibility to the nature and ourselves, UAB Biohumus & Soil was founded in 2011. We noticed the wide concern about the quality of food, and also where curious to discover and experience of the joys of gardening, flower growing, so we decided to produce biohumus – soil conditioner (fertilizer), a measure for reducing the accumulation of nitrate nitrogen compounds in the soil and in the harvest of every amateur gardener. This is the key to green agriculture.

Upon noticing the particular interest in biohumus, at the beginning of 2012 we decided to offer the market biohumus-based vermicompost – peat, sand and biohumus mixtures.

Biohumus-based mixtures have no rivals by their characteristics, compared with substrate or any other compost. Our company’s mixtures are targeted for skilled buyers interested in ecological gardening. Such buyers appreciate the composition of our mixtures.

In addition, the company packs organic compost – a mix of peat bog and cattle manure.

According to special orders, UAB Biohumus & Soil can produce mixtures (packaged and bulk) and supply pure vermicompost in large quantities.

The company is based in Rokiškis and has over 5000 square meters of production area.